AW DL-44 Smugglers Blaster

AW DL-44 Smugglers Blaster
Brand: Armourer Works
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Well what more can we say the Armorer Works - M712 Smuggler DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

This is an Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Replica of the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol used by Han Solo in the latest Star Wars film, and is based on the Airsoft Broomhandle Mauser 6mm BB

The pistol is constructed almost entirely from Alloy, with the exception of the Faux Wood Polymer Grips. The pistol comes as a kit, featuring the Pistol, Mock Scope and Flash Hider, and is built by the user on arrival. The Flash Hider is simply slid over the outer barrel, then secured using a single Grub Screw, and the Mock Scope is attached by hand using the screws on the right of the Pistol. The Pistol itself is based on the Broom Handle Mauser, making it a firing replica, and great for Star Wars themed games. The pistol features a Safe / Fire Safety Switch, and a Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Fire Mode.  This pistol is great for those who want a little piece of film history, making a great replica or prop piece for your desk. This pistol also gives you the ability to shoot first, no matter what anyone else may say.

Weight: 1,220g    Length: 290mm

Mag. Capacity: 12rds


Power: 295fps

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