What are Airsoft Guns

What Are Airsoft guns

Airsoft rifles and pistols are manufactured in Japan , Hong Kong & Taiwan. They are full 1:1 scale which adds to the realism and feel of these well crafted BB guns.

Nearly all of the guns fire a 6mm bio-degradeable ball normally called a BB.


The fully automatic guns (AEG's) are operated by a fully re-chargeable ni-cad or nimh battery. There are no external hoses or wires to interfere with game play or shooting, everything is hidden within the gun itself.

Pistols work on a gas mechanism (Gas Blow Back) where the gas stored in the gun fires the BB and operates the slide in the same way as the real thing.

Each rifle and gas handgun has a device called the HOP-UP system. This device will place a backward spin on the ball giving the ball more lift and stability in flight.


WHAT IS BLOW BACK? - Blow back refers to pistols that recoil when fired.

WHY ARE THERE DIFFERENT WEIGHTS OF BB's? - The heavier the pellet the more accurate it is, however the range is shortened. The standard BB used is .20g

WHAT IS THE "HOP UP" SYSTEM? - This system is used to put a backward spin on the ball to make it more stable in flight.

WHAT IS THE RATE OF FIRE ON FULL AUTO? - On a properly charged battery the rifle will fire approx 750 – 900 pellets per minute.

WHAT IS THE BASIC EQUIPMENT I NEED TO GET STARTED TO PLAY? -Electric rifle, Battery , Battery charger, Hi -Capacity Magazine, Eye / Face Protection, BB’s

WHAT IS THE MORE ADVANCED EQUIPMENT I NEED? -Extra magazines, Battery quick charger, Battery De-charger, Tac vests, Gun scope, Handgun side arm and extra batteries.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE OF A ELECTRIC RIFLE? - Rifle, Standard Magazine, Magazine loader, Cleaning rod, Instruction manual, approx 200 BB's.

WHAT MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED ON AN AIRSOFT GUN? - An occasional barrel cleaning and lubrication

WHAT TYPE OF LUBRICATION IS USED? - Silicone is the only type that should be used. Other types, such as WD40 will harm the O-rings and plastic.

WHAT IS THE RANGE OF AN AIRSOFT GUN? - Electric rifles have a maximum range of approx 60 mtrs . Hand guns have a range of approx 30 mtrs

BATTERY LIFE? - 1200 to 5000 BB’s depending on the type of battery, gun, and battery charge. The batteries are fully re-chargeable

ARE THE MAGAZINES REMOVABLE? - Yes on both the rifles and the pistols.

DO THE HANDGUNS HAVE A WORKING SLIDE? - Yes, Gas Blow Back pistols have working slides

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